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The Full Circle Planner (90 Day Version)

The Full Circle Planner (90 Day Version)


The Full Circle Planner combines the best aspects of a planner and a journal so that you can check off your "to-do" boxes and pay attention to your days as you do.

The Full Circle Planner will help you to:


The Full Circle Planner provides a: 

  1. Monthly Spread - Write important dates on your calendar. Use the “To Remember” section on the side to keep track of miscellaneous tasks, birthdays, etc. for the month. 
  2. Weekly Journal - Use this section to think about your life.  Circle back to the week gone by and write down what happened so you don’t forget! Circle forward and be intentional about the week to come.
  3. Weekly Spread - Use your weekly schedule to be intentional about prioritizing your values. Plan to do what it takes to live the life you love and put into action the person you’ve always meant to be and so much more

The Full Circle Planner is a 90-day planner that will not only help you plan your days but will help you examine your days to ensure that you are living them well. This planner is even more unique because it is filled with quotes and questions from Chrystal to help you think about your life and make decisions that will help you live a life you love.

If Chrystal could take you to coffee to talk to you about your life and how to be intentional about living your life well, this planner contains the words she would share and the questions she would ask to get you going and keep you going on the path to your beautiful life!

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